Instrument of God

“Instrument of God”

This is for the brave and all that stand for peace.
Send our soldiers home,
Can we live in peace?
Peace and harmony.
We cry for the brave,
And die for security,
Send our soldiers home,
Give them victory.
Leave those people’s land,
The land that they weep,
Leave them with their souls,
And their dignity.
Because we are the brave,
And stand for liberty.
Bring ours soldiers home,
Let them be.
Mothers are crying for their children
And their children dying for peace.
End this war and all who stand for peace.
Let’s cure the sick and hungry,
With food and harmony.
Let’s all stand for love,
And opportunity.
We can give them love and equality.
So let us gather as one nation,
In unity!
So together we stand,
Divided we fall,
Let’s be one nation,
A nation to all.
Let Obama guide us,
One and all.
Together we stand,
Divided we fall,
Let freedom ring,
Let it ring.
Change has come,
I live the dream.

Copyright © 2009 Darlene Author